Compressive Sensing with Low Precision Data Representation: Radio Astronomy and Beyond

by   Nezihe Merve Gürel, et al.

Modern scientific instruments produce vast amounts of data, which can overwhelm the processing ability of computer systems. Lossy compression of data is an intriguing solution but comes with its own dangers, such as potential signal loss, and the need for careful parameter optimization. In this work, we focus on a setting where this problem is especially acute compressive sensing frameworks for radio astronomy and ask: Can the precision of the data representation be lowered for all input data, with recovery guarantees and good practical performance? Our first contribution is a theoretical analysis of the Iterative Hard Thresholding (IHT) algorithm when all input data, that is, the measurement matrix and the observation, are quantized aggressively, to as little as 2 bits per value. Under reasonable constraints, we show that there exists a variant of low precision IHT which can still provide recovery guarantees. The second contribution is a tailored analysis of our general quantized framework to radio astronomy, showing that its conditions are satisfied in this case. We evaluate our approach using an FPGA implementation, and show that it can achieve up to 9.19x speed up with negligible loss of recovery quality, on real telescope data


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