Computing Research Challenges in Next Generation Wireless Networking

by   Elisa Bertino, et al.

By all measures, wireless networking has seen explosive growth over the past decade. Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution (4G LTE) cellular technology has increased the bandwidth available for smartphones, in essence, delivering broadband speeds to mobile devices. The most recent 5G technology is further enhancing the transmission speeds and cell capacity, as well as, reducing latency through the use of different radio technologies and is expected to provide Internet connections that are an order of magnitude faster than 4G LTE. Technology continues to advance rapidly, however, and the next generation, 6G, is already being envisioned. 6G will make possible a wide range of powerful, new applications including holographic telepresence, telehealth, remote education, ubiquitous robotics and autonomous vehicles, smart cities and communities (IoT), and advanced manufacturing (Industry 4.0, sometimes referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution), to name but a few. The advances we will see begin at the hardware level and extend all the way to the top of the software "stack." Artificial Intelligence (AI) will also start playing a greater role in the development and management of wireless networking infrastructure by becoming embedded in applications throughout all levels of the network. The resulting benefits to society will be enormous. At the same time these exciting new wireless capabilities are appearing rapidly on the horizon, a broad range of research challenges loom ahead. These stem from the ever-increasing complexity of the hardware and software systems, along with the need to provide infrastructure that is robust and secure while simultaneously protecting the privacy of users. Here we outline some of those challenges and provide recommendations for the research that needs to be done to address them.


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