Content-based Unrestricted Adversarial Attack

by   Zhaoyu Chen, et al.

Unrestricted adversarial attacks typically manipulate the semantic content of an image (e.g., color or texture) to create adversarial examples that are both effective and photorealistic, demonstrating their ability to deceive human perception and deep neural networks with stealth and success. However, current works usually sacrifice unrestricted degrees and subjectively select some image content to guarantee the photorealism of unrestricted adversarial examples, which limits its attack performance. To ensure the photorealism of adversarial examples and boost attack performance, we propose a novel unrestricted attack framework called Content-based Unrestricted Adversarial Attack. By leveraging a low-dimensional manifold that represents natural images, we map the images onto the manifold and optimize them along its adversarial direction. Therefore, within this framework, we implement Adversarial Content Attack based on Stable Diffusion and can generate high transferable unrestricted adversarial examples with various adversarial contents. Extensive experimentation and visualization demonstrate the efficacy of ACA, particularly in surpassing state-of-the-art attacks by an average of 13.3-50.4 and defense methods, respectively.


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