Convolutional Cross-View Pose Estimation

by   Zimin Xia, et al.

We propose a novel end-to-end method for cross-view pose estimation. Given a ground-level query image and an aerial image that covers the query's local neighborhood, the 3 Degrees-of-Freedom camera pose of the query is estimated by matching its image descriptor to descriptors of local regions within the aerial image. The orientation-aware descriptors are obtained by using a translational equivariant convolutional ground image encoder and contrastive learning. The Localization Decoder produces a dense probability distribution in a coarse-to-fine manner with a novel Localization Matching Upsampling module. A smaller Orientation Decoder produces a vector field to condition the orientation estimate on the localization. Our method is validated on the VIGOR and KITTI datasets, where it surpasses the state-of-the-art baseline by 72 36 accuracy. The predicted probability distribution can represent localization ambiguity, and enables rejecting possible erroneous predictions. Without re-training, the model can infer on ground images with different field of views and utilize orientation priors if available. On the Oxford RobotCar dataset, our method can reliably estimate the ego-vehicle's pose over time, achieving a median localization error under 1 meter and a median orientation error of around 1 degree at 14 FPS.


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