Cooperative Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning with Partial Observations

by   Yan Zhang, et al.

In this paper, we propose a distributed zeroth-order policy optimization method for Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning (MARL). Existing MARL algorithms often assume that every agent can observe the states and actions of all the other agents in the network. This can be impractical in large-scale problems, where sharing the state and action information with multi-hop neighbors may incur significant communication overhead. The advantage of the proposed zeroth-order policy optimization method is that it allows the agents to compute the local policy gradients needed to update their local policy functions using local estimates of the global accumulated rewards that depend on partial state and action information only and can be obtained using consensus. Specifically, to calculate the local policy gradients, we develop a new distributed zeroth-order policy gradient estimator that relies on one-point residual-feedback which, compared to existing zeroth-order estimators that also rely on one-point feedback, significantly reduces the variance of the policy gradient estimates improving, in this way, the learning performance. We show that the proposed distributed zeroth-order policy optimization method with constant stepsize converges to a neighborhood of the global optimal policy that depends on the number of consensus steps used to calculate the local estimates of the global accumulated rewards. Moreover, we provide numerical experiments that demonstrate that our new zeroth-order policy gradient estimator is more sample-efficient compared to other existing one-point estimators.


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