Correspondence-free online human motion retargeting

by   Mathieu Marsot, et al.

We present a novel data-driven framework for unsupervised human motion retargeting which animates a target body shape with a source motion. This allows to retarget motions between different characters by animating a target subject with a motion of a source subject. Our method is correspondence-free, neither spatial correspondences between the source and target shapes nor temporal correspondences between different frames of the source motion are required. Our proposed method directly animates a target shape with arbitrary sequences of humans in motion, possibly captured using 4D acquisition platforms or consumer devices. Our framework takes into account long-term temporal context of 1 second during retargeting while accounting for surface details. To achieve this, we take inspiration from two lines of existing work: skeletal motion retargeting, which leverages long-term temporal context at the cost of surface detail, and surface-based retargeting, which preserves surface details without considering long-term temporal context. We unify the advantages of these works by combining a learnt skinning field with a skeletal retargeting approach. During inference, our method runs online, the input can be processed in a serial way, and retargeting is performed in a single forward pass per frame. Experiments show that including long-term temporal context during training improves the method's accuracy both in terms of the retargeted skeletal motion and the detail preservation. Furthermore, our method generalizes well on unobserved motions and body shapes. We demonstrate that the proposed framework achieves state-of-the-art results on two test datasets.


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