Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Asexual Reproduction Optimization

As the number of credit card users has increased, detecting fraud in this domain has become a vital issue. Previous literature has applied various supervised and unsupervised machine learning methods to find an effective fraud detection system. However, some of these methods require an enormous amount of time to achieve reasonable accuracy. In this paper, an Asexual Reproduction Optimization (ARO) approach was employed, which is a supervised method to detect credit card fraud. ARO refers to a kind of production in which one parent produces some offspring. By applying this method and sampling just from the majority class, the effectiveness of the classification is increased. A comparison to Artificial Immune Systems (AIS), which is one of the best methods implemented on current datasets, has shown that the proposed method is able to remarkably reduce the required training time and at the same time increase the recall that is important in fraud detection problems. The obtained results show that ARO achieves the best cost in a short time, and consequently, it can be considered a real-time fraud detection system.


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