CRISLoc: Reconstructable CSI Fingerprintingfor Indoor Smartphone Localization

by   Zhihui Gao, et al.

Channel state information (CSI) based fingerprinting for WIFI indoor localization has attracted lots of attention very recently.The frequency diverse and temporally stable CSI better represents the location dependent channel characteristics than the coarsereceived signal strength (RSS). However, the acquisition of CSI requires the cooperation of access points (APs) and involves only dataframes, which imposes restrictions on real-world deployment. In this paper, we present CRISLoc, the first CSI fingerprinting basedlocalization prototype system using ubiquitous smartphones. CRISLoc operates in a completely passive mode, overhearing thepackets on-the-fly for his own CSI acquisition. The smartphone CSI is sanitized via calibrating the distortion enforced by WiFi amplifiercircuits. CRISLoc tackles the challenge of altered APs with a joint clustering and outlier detection method to find them. A novel transferlearning approach is proposed to reconstruct the high-dimensional CSI fingerprint database on the basis of the outdated fingerprintsand a few fresh measurements, and an enhanced KNN approach is proposed to pinpoint the location of a smartphone. Our studyreveals important properties about the stability and sensitivity of smartphone CSI that has not been reported previously. Experimentalresults show that CRISLoc can achieve a mean error of around 0.29m in a6m times 8mresearch laboratory. The mean error increases by 5.4 cm and 8.6 cm upon the movement of one and two APs, which validates the robustness of CRISLoc against environment changes.


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