Cross-Element Combinatorial Selection for Multi-Element Creative in Display Advertising

by   Wei Zhang, et al.

The effectiveness of ad creatives is greatly influenced by their visual appearance. Advertising platforms can generate ad creatives with different appearances by combining creative elements provided by advertisers. However, with the increasing number of ad creative elements, it becomes challenging to select a suitable combination from the countless possibilities. The industry's mainstream approach is to select individual creative elements independently, which often overlooks the importance of interaction between creative elements during the modeling process. In response, this paper proposes a Cross-Element Combinatorial Selection framework for multiple creative elements, termed CECS. In the encoder process, a cross-element interaction is adopted to dynamically adjust the expression of a single creative element based on the current candidate creatives. In the decoder process, the creative combination problem is transformed into a cascade selection problem of multiple creative elements. A pointer mechanism with a cascade design is used to model the associations among candidates. Comprehensive experiments on real-world datasets show that CECS achieved the SOTA score on offline metrics. Moreover, the CECS algorithm has been deployed in our industrial application, resulting in a significant 6.02


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