Cross Subspace Alignment Codes for Coded Distributed Batch Computation

by   Zhuqing Jia, et al.

Coded distributed batch computation distributes a computation task, such as matrix multiplication, N-linear computation, or multivariate polynomial evaluation, across S servers through a coding scheme, such that the response from any R servers (R is called the recovery threshold) is sufficient for the user to recover the desired computed value. Current approaches are based on either exclusively matrix-partitioning (Entangled Polynomial (EP) Codes for matrix multiplication), or exclusively batch processing (Lagrange Coded Computing (LCC)). We present three related classes of codes, based on the idea of Cross-Subspace Alignment (CSA) which was introduced originally in the context of private information retrieval. CSA codes are characterized by a Cauchy-Vandermonde matrix structure that facilitates interference alignment along Vandermonde terms, while the desired computations remain resolvable along the Cauchy terms. These codes unify, generalize and improve upon the state-of-art codes for distributed computing. First we introduce CSA codes for matrix multiplication, which yield LCC codes as a special case, and are shown to outperform LCC codes in general over strictly download-limited settings. Next, we introduce Generalized CSA (GCSA) codes for matrix multiplication that bridge the extremes of matrix-partitioning and batch processing approaches. Finally, we introduce N-CSA codes for N-linear distributed batch computations and multivariate batch polynomial evaluations. N-CSA codes include LCC codes as a special case, and are in general capable of achieving significantly lower downloads than LCC codes due to cross-subspace alignment. Generalizations of N-CSA codes to include X-secure data and B-byzantine servers are also obtained.


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