CyberSpec: Intelligent Behavioral Fingerprinting to Detect Attacks on Crowdsensing Spectrum Sensors

by   Alberto Huertas Celdrán, et al.

Integrated sensing and communication (ISAC) is a novel paradigm using crowdsensing spectrum sensors to help with the management of spectrum scarcity. However, well-known vulnerabilities of resource-constrained spectrum sensors and the possibility of being manipulated by users with physical access complicate their protection against spectrum sensing data falsification (SSDF) attacks. Most recent literature suggests using behavioral fingerprinting and Machine/Deep Learning (ML/DL) for improving similar cybersecurity issues. Nevertheless, the applicability of these techniques in resource-constrained devices, the impact of attacks affecting spectrum data integrity, and the performance and scalability of models suitable for heterogeneous sensors types are still open challenges. To improve limitations, this work presents seven SSDF attacks affecting spectrum sensors and introduces CyberSpec, an ML/DL-oriented framework using device behavioral fingerprinting to detect anomalies produced by SSDF attacks affecting resource-constrained spectrum sensors. CyberSpec has been implemented and validated in ElectroSense, a real crowdsensing RF monitoring platform where several configurations of the proposed SSDF attacks have been executed in different sensors. A pool of experiments with different unsupervised ML/DL-based models has demonstrated the suitability of CyberSpec detecting the previous attacks within an acceptable timeframe.


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