D-HAN: Dynamic News Recommendation with Hierarchical Attention Network

by   Qinghua Zhao, et al.

News recommendation is an effective information dissemination solution in modern society. While recent years have witnessed many promising news recommendation models, they mostly capture the user-news interactions on the document-level in a static manner. However, in real-world scenarios, the news can be quite complex and diverse, blindly squeezing all the contents into an embedding vector can be less effective in extracting information compatible with the personalized preference of the users. In addition, user preferences in the news recommendation scenario can be highly dynamic, and a tailored dynamic mechanism should be designed for better recommendation performance. In this paper, we propose a novel dynamic news recommender model. For better understanding the news content, we leverage the attention mechanism to represent the news from the sentence-, element- and document-levels, respectively. For capturing users' dynamic preferences, the continuous time information is seamlessly incorporated into the computing of the attention weights. More specifically, we design a hierarchical attention network, where the lower layer learns the importance of different sentences and elements, and the upper layer captures the correlations between the previously interacted and the target news. To comprehensively model the dynamic characters, we firstly enhance the traditional attention mechanism by incorporating both absolute and relative time information, and then we propose a dynamic negative sampling method to optimize the users' implicit feedback. We conduct extensive experiments based on three real-world datasets to demonstrate our model's effectiveness. Our source code and pre-trained representations are available at https://github.com/lshowway/D-HAN.


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