DEAP-FAKED: Knowledge Graph based Approach for Fake News Detection

by   Mohit Mayank, et al.

Fake News on social media platforms has attracted a lot of attention in recent times, primarily for events related to politics (2016 US Presidential elections), healthcare (infodemic during COVID-19), to name a few. Various methods have been proposed for detecting Fake News. The approaches span from exploiting techniques related to network analysis, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and the usage of Graph Neural Networks (GNNs). In this work, we propose DEAP-FAKED, a knowleDgE grAPh FAKe nEws Detection framework for identifying Fake News. Our approach is a combination of the NLP – where we encode the news content, and the GNN technique – where we encode the Knowledge Graph (KG). A variety of these encodings provides a complementary advantage to our detector. We evaluate our framework using two publicly available datasets containing articles from domains such as politics, business, technology, and healthcare. As part of dataset pre-processing, we also remove the bias, such as the source of the articles, which could impact the performance of the models. DEAP-FAKED obtains an F1-score of 88 improvement of 21 approach.


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