Deblur-NeRF: Neural Radiance Fields from Blurry Images

by   Li Ma, et al.

Neural Radiance Field (NeRF) has gained considerable attention recently for 3D scene reconstruction and novel view synthesis due to its remarkable synthesis quality. However, image blurriness caused by defocus or motion, which often occurs when capturing scenes in the wild, significantly degrades its reconstruction quality. To address this problem, We propose Deblur-NeRF, the first method that can recover a sharp NeRF from blurry input. We adopt an analysis-by-synthesis approach that reconstructs blurry views by simulating the blurring process, thus making NeRF robust to blurry inputs. The core of this simulation is a novel Deformable Sparse Kernel (DSK) module that models spatially-varying blur kernels by deforming a canonical sparse kernel at each spatial location. The ray origin of each kernel point is jointly optimized, inspired by the physical blurring process. This module is parameterized as an MLP that has the ability to be generalized to various blur types. Jointly optimizing the NeRF and the DSK module allows us to restore a sharp NeRF. We demonstrate that our method can be used on both camera motion blur and defocus blur: the two most common types of blur in real scenes. Evaluation results on both synthetic and real-world data show that our method outperforms several baselines. The synthetic and real datasets along with the source code will be made publicly available to facilitate future research.


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