Deceptive Information Retrieval

by   Sajani Vithana, et al.

We introduce the problem of deceptive information retrieval (DIR), in which a user wishes to download a required file out of multiple independent files stored in a system of databases while deceiving the databases by making the databases' predictions on the user-required file index incorrect with high probability. Conceptually, DIR is an extension of private information retrieval (PIR). In PIR, a user downloads a required file without revealing its index to any of the databases. The metric of deception is defined as the probability of error of databases' prediction on the user-required file, minus the corresponding probability of error in PIR. The problem is defined on time-sensitive data that keeps updating from time to time. In the proposed scheme, the user deceives the databases by sending real queries to download the required file at the time of the requirement and dummy queries at multiple distinct future time instances to manipulate the probabilities of sending each query for each file requirement, using which the databases' make the predictions on the user-required file index. The proposed DIR scheme is based on a capacity achieving probabilistic PIR scheme, and achieves rates lower than the PIR capacity due to the additional downloads made to deceive the databases. When the required level of deception is zero, the proposed scheme achieves the PIR capacity.


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