Deep Adversarially-Enhanced k-Nearest Neighbors

by   Ren Wang, et al.
University of Michigan

Recent works have theoretically and empirically shown that deep neural networks (DNNs) have an inherent vulnerability to small perturbations. Applying the Deep k-Nearest Neighbors (DkNN) classifier, we observe a dramatically increasing robustness-accuracy trade-off as the layer goes deeper. In this work, we propose a Deep Adversarially-Enhanced k-Nearest Neighbors (DAEkNN) method which achieves higher robustness than DkNN and mitigates the robustness-accuracy trade-off in deep layers through two key elements. First, DAEkNN is based on an adversarially trained model. Second, DAEkNN makes predictions by leveraging a weighted combination of benign and adversarial training data. Empirically, we find that DAEkNN improves both the robustness and the robustness-accuracy trade-off on MNIST and CIFAR-10 datasets.


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