Deep Age-Invariant Fingerprint Segmentation System

by   M. G. Sarwar Murshed, et al.

Fingerprint-based identification systems achieve higher accuracy when a slap containing multiple fingerprints of a subject is used instead of a single fingerprint. However, segmenting or auto-localizing all fingerprints in a slap image is a challenging task due to the different orientations of fingerprints, noisy backgrounds, and the smaller size of fingertip components. The presence of slap images in a real-world dataset where one or more fingerprints are rotated makes it challenging for a biometric recognition system to localize and label the fingerprints automatically. Improper fingerprint localization and finger labeling errors lead to poor matching performance. In this paper, we introduce a method to generate arbitrary angled bounding boxes using a deep learning-based algorithm that precisely localizes and labels fingerprints from both axis-aligned and over-rotated slap images. We built a fingerprint segmentation model named CRFSEG (Clarkson Rotated Fingerprint segmentation Model) by updating the previously proposed CFSEG model which was based on traditional Faster R-CNN architecture [21]. CRFSEG improves upon the Faster R-CNN algorithm with arbitrarily angled bounding boxes that allow the CRFSEG to perform better in challenging slap images. After training the CRFSEG algorithm on a new dataset containing slap images collected from both adult and children subjects, our results suggest that the CRFSEG model was invariant across different age groups and can handle over-rotated slap images successfully. In the Combined dataset containing both normal and rotated images of adult and children subjects, we achieved a matching accuracy of 97.17 outperformed state-of-the-art VeriFinger (94.25 systems (80.58


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