Deep Learning Enabled Optimization of Downlink Beamforming Under Per-Antenna Power Constraints: Algorithms and Experimental Demonstration

by   Juping Zhang, et al.

This paper studies fast downlink beamforming algorithms using deep learning in multiuser multiple-input-single-output systems where each transmit antenna at the base station has its own power constraint. We focus on the signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio (SINR) balancing problem which is quasi-convex but there is no efficient solution available. We first design a fast subgradient algorithm that can achieve near-optimal solution with reduced complexity. We then propose a deep neural network structure to learn the optimal beamforming based on convolutional networks and exploitation of the duality of the original problem. Two strategies of learning various dual variables are investigated with different accuracies, and the corresponding recovery of the original solution is facilitated by the subgradient algorithm. We also develop a generalization method of the proposed algorithms so that they can adapt to the varying number of users and antennas without re-training. We carry out intensive numerical simulations and testbed experiments to evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithms. Results show that the proposed algorithms achieve close to optimal solution in simulations with perfect channel information and outperform the alleged theoretically optimal solution in experiments, illustrating a better performance-complexity tradeoff than existing schemes.


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