Deep Learning for Video-Text Retrieval: a Review

by   Cunjuan Zhu, et al.

Video-Text Retrieval (VTR) aims to search for the most relevant video related to the semantics in a given sentence, and vice versa. In general, this retrieval task is composed of four successive steps: video and textual feature representation extraction, feature embedding and matching, and objective functions. In the last, a list of samples retrieved from the dataset is ranked based on their matching similarities to the query. In recent years, significant and flourishing progress has been achieved by deep learning techniques, however, VTR is still a challenging task due to the problems like how to learn an efficient spatial-temporal video feature and how to narrow the cross-modal gap. In this survey, we review and summarize over 100 research papers related to VTR, demonstrate state-of-the-art performance on several commonly benchmarked datasets, and discuss potential challenges and directions, with the expectation to provide some insights for researchers in the field of video-text retrieval.


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T2VLAD: Global-Local Sequence Alignment for Text-Video Retrieval

Text-video retrieval is a challenging task that aims to search relevant ...

Audio-Enhanced Text-to-Video Retrieval using Text-Conditioned Feature Alignment

Text-to-video retrieval systems have recently made significant progress ...

Polysemous Visual-Semantic Embedding for Cross-Modal Retrieval

Visual-semantic embedding aims to find a shared latent space where relat...

ConTra: (Con)text (Tra)nsformer for Cross-Modal Video Retrieval

In this paper, we re-examine the task of cross-modal clip-sentence retri...

Tree-based Text-Vision BERT for Video Search in Baidu Video Advertising

The advancement of the communication technology and the popularity of th...

MarineVRS: Marine Video Retrieval System with Explainability via Semantic Understanding

Building a video retrieval system that is robust and reliable, especiall...

Mask to reconstruct: Cooperative Semantics Completion for Video-text Retrieval

Recently, masked video modeling has been widely explored and significant...

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