Deep Model-Based Super-Resolution with Non-uniform Blur

by   Charles Laroche, et al.

We propose a state-of-the-art method for super-resolution with non-uniform blur. Single-image super-resolution methods seek to restore a high-resolution image from blurred, subsampled, and noisy measurements. Despite their impressive performance, existing techniques usually assume a uniform blur kernel. Hence, these techniques do not generalize well to the more general case of non-uniform blur. Instead, in this paper, we address the more realistic and computationally challenging case of spatially-varying blur. To this end, we first propose a fast deep plug-and-play algorithm, based on linearized ADMM splitting techniques, which can solve the super-resolution problem with spatially-varying blur. Second, we unfold our iterative algorithm into a single network and train it end-to-end. In this way, we overcome the intricacy of manually tuning the parameters involved in the optimization scheme. Our algorithm presents remarkable performance and generalizes well after a single training to a large family of spatially-varying blur kernels, noise levels and scale factors.


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