DeepCore: A Comprehensive Library for Coreset Selection in Deep Learning

by   Chengcheng Guo, et al.

Coreset selection, which aims to select a subset of the most informative training samples, is a long-standing learning problem that can benefit many downstream tasks such as data-efficient learning, continual learning, neural architecture search, active learning, etc. However, many existing coreset selection methods are not designed for deep learning, which may have high complexity and poor generalization ability to unseen representations. In addition, the recently proposed methods are evaluated on models, datasets, and settings of different complexities. To advance the research of coreset selection in deep learning, we contribute a comprehensive code library, namely DeepCore, and provide an empirical study on popular coreset selection methods on CIFAR10 and ImageNet datasets. Extensive experiment results show that, although some methods perform better in certain experiment settings, random selection is still a strong baseline.


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