deGraphCS: Embedding Variable-based Flow Graph for Neural Code Search

by   Chen Zeng, et al.

With the rapid increase in the amount of public code repositories, developers maintain a great desire to retrieve precise code snippets by using natural language. Despite existing deep learning based approaches(e.g., DeepCS and MMAN) have provided the end-to-end solutions (i.e., accepts natural language as queries and shows related code fragments retrieved directly from code corpus), the accuracy of code search in the large-scale repositories is still limited by the code representation (e.g., AST) and modeling (e.g., directly fusing the features in the attention stage). In this paper, we propose a novel learnable deep Graph for Code Search (calleddeGraphCS), to transfer source code into variable-based flow graphs based on the intermediate representation technique, which can model code semantics more precisely compared to process the code as text directly or use the syntactic tree representation. Furthermore, we propose a well-designed graph optimization mechanism to refine the code representation, and apply an improved gated graph neural network to model variable-based flow graphs. To evaluate the effectiveness of deGraphCS, we collect a large-scale dataset from GitHub containing 41,152 code snippets written in C language, and reproduce several typical deep code search methods for comparison. Besides, we design a qualitative user study to verify the practical value of our approach. The experimental results have shown that deGraphCS can achieve state-of-the-art performances, and accurately retrieve code snippets satisfying the needs of the users.


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