Delivery Issues Identification from Customer Feedback Data

by   Ankush Chopra, et al.

Millions of packages are delivered successfully by online and local retail stores across the world every day. The proper delivery of packages is needed to ensure high customer satisfaction and repeat purchases. These deliveries suffer various problems despite the best efforts from the stores. These issues happen not only due to the large volume and high demand for low turnaround time but also due to mechanical operations and natural factors. These issues range from receiving wrong items in the package to delayed shipment to damaged packages because of mishandling during transportation. Finding solutions to various delivery issues faced by both sending and receiving parties plays a vital role in increasing the efficiency of the entire process. This paper shows how to find these issues using customer feedback from the text comments and uploaded images. We used transfer learning for both Text and Image models to minimize the demand for thousands of labeled examples. The results show that the model can find different issues. Furthermore, it can also be used for tasks like bottleneck identification, process improvement, automating refunds, etc. Compared with the existing process, the ensemble of text and image models proposed in this paper ensures the identification of several types of delivery issues, which is more suitable for the real-life scenarios of delivery of items in retail businesses. This method can supply a new idea of issue detection for the delivery of packages in similar industries.


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