Dense residual Transformer for image denoising

by   Chao Yao, et al.

Image denoising is an important low-level computer vision task, which aims to reconstruct a noise-free and high-quality image from a noisy image. With the development of deep learning, convolutional neural network (CNN) has been gradually applied and achieved great success in image denoising, image compression, image enhancement, etc. Recently, Transformer has been a hot technique, which is widely used to tackle computer vision tasks. However, few Transformer-based methods have been proposed for low-level vision tasks. In this paper, we proposed an image denoising network structure based on Transformer, which is named DenSformer. DenSformer consists of three modules, including a preprocessing module, a local-global feature extraction module, and a reconstruction module. Specifically, the local-global feature extraction module consists of several Sformer groups, each of which has several ETransformer layers and a convolution layer, together with a residual connection. These Sformer groups are densely skip-connected to fuse the feature of different layers, and they jointly capture the local and global information from the given noisy images. We conduct our model on comprehensive experiments. Experimental results prove that our DenSformer achieves improvement compared to some state-of-the-art methods, both for the synthetic noise data and real noise data, in the objective and subjective evaluations.


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