Dense Siamese Network

by   Wenwei Zhang, et al.

This paper presents Dense Siamese Network (DenseSiam), a simple unsupervised learning framework for dense prediction tasks. It learns visual representations by maximizing the similarity between two views of one image with two types of consistency, i.e., pixel consistency and region consistency. Concretely, DenseSiam first maximizes the pixel level spatial consistency according to the exact location correspondence in the overlapped area. It also extracts a batch of region embeddings that correspond to some sub-regions in the overlapped area to be contrasted for region consistency. In contrast to previous methods that require negative pixel pairs, momentum encoders, or heuristic masks, DenseSiam benefits from the simple Siamese network and optimizes the consistency of different granularities. It also proves that the simple location correspondence and interacted region embeddings are effective enough to learn the similarity. We apply DenseSiam on ImageNet and obtain competitive improvements on various downstream tasks. We also show that only with some extra task-specific losses, the simple framework can directly conduct dense prediction tasks. On an existing unsupervised semantic segmentation benchmark, it surpasses state-of-the-art segmentation methods by 2.1 mIoU with 28


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