Detect and Classify IoT Camera Traffic

Deployment of IoT cameras in an organization threatens security and privacy policies, and the classification of network traffic without using IP addresses and port numbers has been challenging. In this paper, we have designed, implemented and deployed a system called iCamInspector to classify network traffic arising from IoT camera in a mixed networking environment. We have collected a total of about 36GB of network traffic containing video data from three different types of applications (four online audio/video conferencing applications, two video sharing applications and six IoT camera from different manufacturers) in our IoT laboratory. We show that with the help of a limited number of flow-based features, iCamInspector achieves an average accuracy of more than 98 testing phase of the system. A real deployment of our system in an unseen environment achieves a commendable performance of detecting IoT camera with an average detection probability higher than 0.9.


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