Detecting Deepfakes with Metric Learning

by   Akash Kumar, et al.
IIT Mandi
Delhi Technological University

With the arrival of several face-swapping applications such as FaceApp, SnapChat, MixBooth, FaceBlender and many more, the authenticity of digital media content is hanging on a very loose thread. On social media platforms, videos are widely circulated often at a high compression factor. In this work, we analyze several deep learning approaches in the context of deepfakes classification in high compression scenario and demonstrate that a proposed approach based on metric learning can be very effective in performing such a classification. Using less number of frames per video to assess its realism, the metric learning approach using a triplet network architecture proves to be fruitful. It learns to enhance the feature space distance between the cluster of real and fake videos embedding vectors. We validated our approaches on two datasets to analyze the behavior in different environments. We achieved a state-of-the-art AUC score of 99.2 90.71 especially helpful on social media platforms where data compression is inevitable.


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Deepfakes Video classification via CNN, LSTM, C3D and triplets

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