Detecting Out-of-Context Multimodal Misinformation with interpretable neural-symbolic model

by   Yizhou Zhang, et al.
University of Southern California

Recent years have witnessed the sustained evolution of misinformation that aims at manipulating public opinions. Unlike traditional rumors or fake news editors who mainly rely on generated and/or counterfeited images, text and videos, current misinformation creators now more tend to use out-of-context multimedia contents (e.g. mismatched images and captions) to deceive the public and fake news detection systems. This new type of misinformation increases the difficulty of not only detection but also clarification, because every individual modality is close enough to true information. To address this challenge, in this paper we explore how to achieve interpretable cross-modal de-contextualization detection that simultaneously identifies the mismatched pairs and the cross-modal contradictions, which is helpful for fact-check websites to document clarifications. The proposed model first symbolically disassembles the text-modality information to a set of fact queries based on the Abstract Meaning Representation of the caption and then forwards the query-image pairs into a pre-trained large vision-language model select the “evidences" that are helpful for us to detect misinformation. Extensive experiments indicate that the proposed methodology can provide us with much more interpretable predictions while maintaining the accuracy same as the state-of-the-art model on this task.


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