Detection of Cross-Dataset Fake Audio Based on Prosodic and Pronunciation Features

by   Chenglong Wang, et al.

Existing fake audio detection systems perform well in in-domain testing, but still face many challenges in out-of-domain testing. This is due to the mismatch between the training and test data, as well as the poor generalizability of features extracted from limited views. To address this, we propose multi-view features for fake audio detection, which aim to capture more generalized features from prosodic, pronunciation, and wav2vec dimensions. Specifically, the phoneme duration features are extracted from a pre-trained model based on a large amount of speech data. For the pronunciation features, a Conformer-based phoneme recognition model is first trained, keeping the acoustic encoder part as a deeply embedded feature extractor. Furthermore, the prosodic and pronunciation features are fused with wav2vec features based on an attention mechanism to improve the generalization of fake audio detection models. Results show that the proposed approach achieves significant performance gains in several cross-dataset experiments.


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