Detection of fake faces in videos

by   M. Shamanth, et al.

: Deep learning methodologies have been used to create applications that can cause threats to privacy, democracy and national security and could be used to further amplify malicious activities. One of those deep learning-powered applications in recent times is synthesized videos of famous personalities. According to Forbes, Generative Adversarial Networks(GANs) generated fake videos growing exponentially every year and the organization known as Deeptrace had estimated an increase of deepfakes by 84 are used to generate and modify human faces, where most of the existing fake videos are of prurient non-consensual nature, of which its estimates to be around 96 this paper, available video datasets are identified and a pretrained model BlazeFace is used to detect faces, and a ResNet and Xception ensembled architectured neural network trained on the dataset to achieve the goal of detection of fake faces in videos. The model is optimized over a loss value and log loss values and evaluated over its F1 score. Over a sample of data, it is observed that focal loss provides better accuracy, F1 score and loss as the gamma of the focal loss becomes a hyper parameter. This provides a k-folded accuracy of around 91 accuracy subjected to change over time as the model decays.


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