DiffusionShield: A Watermark for Copyright Protection against Generative Diffusion Models

by   Yingqian Cui, et al.
Lehigh University
Michigan State University

Recently, Generative Diffusion Models (GDMs) have showcased their remarkable capabilities in learning and generating images. A large community of GDMs has naturally emerged, further promoting the diversified applications of GDMs in various fields. However, this unrestricted proliferation has raised serious concerns about copyright protection. For example, artists including painters and photographers are becoming increasingly concerned that GDMs could effortlessly replicate their unique creative works without authorization. In response to these challenges, we introduce a novel watermarking scheme, DiffusionShield, tailored for GDMs. DiffusionShield protects images from copyright infringement by GDMs through encoding the ownership information into an imperceptible watermark and injecting it into the images. Its watermark can be easily learned by GDMs and will be reproduced in their generated images. By detecting the watermark from generated images, copyright infringement can be exposed with evidence. Benefiting from the uniformity of the watermarks and the joint optimization method, DiffusionShield ensures low distortion of the original image, high watermark detection performance, and the ability to embed lengthy messages. We conduct rigorous and comprehensive experiments to show the effectiveness of DiffusionShield in defending against infringement by GDMs and its superiority over traditional watermarking methods.


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