Distributed Deep Forest and its Application to Automatic Detection of Cash-out Fraud

by   Ya-Lin Zhang, et al.

Internet companies are facing the need of handling large scale machine learning applications in a daily basis, and distributed system which can handle extra-large scale tasks is needed. Deep forest is a recently proposed deep learning framework which uses tree ensembles as its building blocks and it has achieved highly competitive results on various domains of tasks. However, it has not been tested on extremely large scale tasks. In this work, based on our parameter server system and platform of artificial intelligence, we developed the distributed version of deep forest with an easy-to-use GUI. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first implementation of distributed deep forest. To meet the need of real-world tasks, many improvements are introduced to the original deep forest model. We tested the deep forest model on an extra-large scale task, i.e., automatic detection of cash-out fraud, with more than 100 millions of training samples. Experimental results showed that the deep forest model has the best performance according to the evaluation metrics from different perspectives even with very little effort for parameter tuning. This model can block fraud transactions in a large amount of money [detail is business confidential] each day. Even compared with the best deployed model, deep forest model can additionally bring into a significant decrease of economic loss.


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