Diverse super-resolution with pretrained deep hiererarchical VAEs

by   Jean Prost, et al.

Image super-resolution is a one-to-many problem, but most deep-learning based methods only provide one single solution to this problem. In this work, we tackle the problem of diverse super-resolution by reusing VD-VAE, a state-of-the art variational autoencoder (VAE). We find that the hierarchical latent representation learned by VD-VAE naturally separates the image low-frequency information, encoded in the latent groups at the top of the hierarchy, from the image high-frequency details, determined by the latent groups at the bottom of the latent hierarchy. Starting from this observation, we design a super-resolution model exploiting the specific structure of VD-VAE latent space. Specifically, we train an encoder to encode low-resolution images in the subset of VD-VAE latent space encoding the low-frequency information, and we combine this encoder with VD-VAE generative model to sample diverse super-resolved version of a low-resolution input. We demonstrate the ability of our method to generate diverse solutions to the super-resolution problem on face super-resolution with upsampling factors x4, x8, and x16.


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