Diversity-aware Web APIs Recommendation with Compatibility Guarantee

by   Wenwen Gonga, et al.

With the ever-increasing prevalence of web APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) in enabling smart software developments, finding and composing a list of existing web APIs that can corporately fulfil the software developers' functional needs have become a promising way to develop a successful mobile app, economically and conveniently. However, the big volume and diversity of candidate web APIs put additional burden on the app developers' web APIs selection decision-makings, since it is often a challenging task to simultaneously guarantee the diversity and compatibility of the finally selected a set of web APIs. Considering this challenge, a Diversity-aware and Compatibility-driven web APIs Recommendation approach, namely DivCAR, is put forward in this paper. First, to achieve diversity, DivCAR employs random walk sampling technique on a pre-built correlation graph to generate diverse correlation subgraphs. Afterwards, with the diverse correlation subgraphs, we model the compatible web APIs recommendation problem to be a minimum group Steiner tree search problem. Through solving the minimum group Steiner tree search problem, manifold sets of compatible and diverse web APIs ranked are returned to the app developers. At last, we design and enact a set of experiments on a real-world dataset crawled from www.programmableWeb.com. Experimental results validate the effectiveness and efficiency of our proposed DivCAR approach in balancing the web APIs recommendation diversity and compatibility.


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