DPMix: Mixture of Depth and Point Cloud Video Experts for 4D Action Segmentation

by   Yue Zhang, et al.

In this technical report, we present our findings from the research conducted on the Human-Object Interaction 4D (HOI4D) dataset for egocentric action segmentation task. As a relatively novel research area, point cloud video methods might not be good at temporal modeling, especially for long point cloud videos (, 150 frames). In contrast, traditional video understanding methods have been well developed. Their effectiveness on temporal modeling has been widely verified on many large scale video datasets. Therefore, we convert point cloud videos into depth videos and employ traditional video modeling methods to improve 4D action segmentation. By ensembling depth and point cloud video methods, the accuracy is significantly improved. The proposed method, named Mixture of Depth and Point cloud video experts (DPMix), achieved the first place in the 4D Action Segmentation Track of the HOI4D Challenge 2023.


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