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Dual Reconstruction with Densely Connected Residual Network for Single Image Super-Resolution

by   Chih-Chung Hsu, et al.

Deep learning-based single image super-resolution enables very fast and high-visual-quality reconstruction. Recently, an enhanced super-resolution based on generative adversarial network (ESRGAN) has achieved excellent performance in terms of both qualitative and quantitative quality of the reconstructed high-resolution image. In this paper, we propose to add one more shortcut between two dense-blocks, as well as add shortcut between two convolution layers inside a dense-block. With this simple strategy of adding more shortcuts in the proposed network, it enables a faster learning process as the gradient information can be back-propagated more easily. Based on the improved ESRGAN, the dual reconstruction is proposed to learn different aspects of the super-resolved image for judiciously enhancing the quality of the reconstructed image. In practice, the super-resolution model is pre-trained solely based on pixel distance, followed by fine-tuning the parameters in the model based on adversarial loss and perceptual loss. Finally, we fuse two different models by weighted-summing their parameters to obtain the final super-resolution model. Experimental results demonstrated that the proposed method achieves excellent performance in the real-world image super-resolution challenge. We have also verified that the proposed dual reconstruction does further improve the quality of the reconstructed image in terms of both PSNR and SSIM.


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