Dynamic Knowledge Capitalization through Annotation among Economic Intelligence Actors in a Collaborative Environment

by   Olusoji Okunoye, et al.

The shift from industrial economy to knowledge economy in today's world has revolutionalized strategic planning in organizations as well as their problem solving approaches. The point of focus today is knowledge and service production with more emphasis been laid on knowledge capital. Many organizations are investing on tools that facilitate knowledge sharing among their employees and they are as well promoting and encouraging collaboration among their staff in order to build the organization's knowledge capital with the ultimate goal of creating a lasting competitive advantage for their organizations. One of the current leading approaches used for solving organization's decision problem is the Economic Intelligence (EI) approach which involves interactions among various actors called EI actors. These actors collaborate to ensure the overall success of the decision problem solving process. In the course of the collaboration, the actors express knowledge which could be capitalized for future reuse. In this paper, we propose in the first place, an annotation model for knowledge elicitation among EI actors. Because of the need to build a knowledge capital, we also propose a dynamic knowledge capitalisation approach for managing knowledge produced by the actors. Finally, the need to manage the interactions and the interdependencies among collaborating EI actors, led to our third proposition which constitute an awareness mechanism for group work management.


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