Dynamic Token-Pass Transformers for Semantic Segmentation

by   Yuang Liu, et al.
Alibaba Group

Vision transformers (ViT) usually extract features via forwarding all the tokens in the self-attention layers from top to toe. In this paper, we introduce dynamic token-pass vision transformers (DoViT) for semantic segmentation, which can adaptively reduce the inference cost for images with different complexity. DoViT gradually stops partial easy tokens from self-attention calculation and keeps the hard tokens forwarding until meeting the stopping criteria. We employ lightweight auxiliary heads to make the token-pass decision and divide the tokens into keeping/stopping parts. With a token separate calculation, the self-attention layers are speeded up with sparse tokens and still work friendly with hardware. A token reconstruction module is built to collect and reset the grouped tokens to their original position in the sequence, which is necessary to predict correct semantic masks. We conduct extensive experiments on two common semantic segmentation tasks, and demonstrate that our method greatly reduces about 40 drop of mIoU is within 0.8 throughput and inference speed of ViT-L/B are increased to more than 2× on Cityscapes.


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