E2E-LOAD: End-to-End Long-form Online Action Detection

by   Shuqiang Cao, et al.

Recently, there has been a growing trend toward feature-based approaches for Online Action Detection (OAD). However, these approaches have limitations due to their fixed backbone design, which ignores the potential capability of a trainable backbone. In this paper, we propose the first end-to-end OAD model, termed E2E-LOAD, designed to address the major challenge of OAD, namely, long-term understanding and efficient online reasoning. Specifically, our proposed approach adopts an initial spatial model that is shared by all frames and maintains a long sequence cache for inference at a low computational cost. We also advocate an asymmetric spatial-temporal model for long-form and short-form modeling effectively. Furthermore, we propose a novel and efficient inference mechanism that accelerates heavy spatial-temporal exploration. Extensive ablation studies and experiments demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of our proposed method. Notably, we achieve 17.3 (+12.6) FPS for end-to-end OAD with 72.4 THMOUS14, TVSeries, and HDD, respectively, which is 3x faster than previous approaches. The source code will be made publicly available.


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