EASE: An Easily-Customized Annotation System Powered by Efficiency Enhancement Mechanisms

by   Naihao Deng, et al.

The performance of current supervised AI systems is tightly connected to the availability of annotated datasets. Annotations are usually collected through annotation tools, which are often designed for specific tasks and are difficult to customize. Moreover, existing annotation tools with an active learning mechanism often only support limited use cases. To address these limitations, we present EASE, an Easily-Customized Annotation System Powered by Efficiency Enhancement Mechanisms. provides modular annotation units for building customized annotation interfaces and also provides multiple back-end options that suggest annotations using (1) multi-task active learning; (2) demographic feature based active learning; (3) a prompt system that can query the API of large language models. We conduct multiple experiments and user studies to evaluate our system's flexibility and effectiveness. Our results show that our system can meet the diverse needs of NLP researchers and significantly accelerate the annotation process.


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