Economical Precise Manipulation and Auto Eye-Hand Coordination with Binocular Visual Reinforcement Learning

by   Yiwen Chen, et al.

Precision robotic manipulation tasks (insertion, screwing, precisely pick, precisely place) are required in many scenarios. Previous methods achieved good performance on such manipulation tasks. However, such methods typically require tedious calibration or expensive sensors. 3D/RGB-D cameras and torque/force sensors add to the cost of the robotic application and may not always be economical. In this work, we aim to solve these but using only weak-calibrated and low-cost webcams. We propose Binocular Alignment Learning (BAL), which could automatically learn the eye-hand coordination and points alignment capabilities to solve the four tasks. Our work focuses on working with unknown eye-hand coordination and proposes different ways of performing eye-in-hand camera calibration automatically. The algorithm was trained in simulation and used a practical pipeline to achieve sim2real and test it on the real robot. Our method achieves a competitively good result with minimal cost on the four tasks.


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