ECSP: A New Task for Emotion-Cause Span-Pair Extraction and Classification

by   Hongliang Bi, et al.

Emotion cause analysis such as emotion cause extraction (ECE) and emotion-cause pair extraction (ECPE) have gradually attracted the attention of many researchers. However, there are still two shortcomings in the existing research: 1) In most cases, emotion expression and cause are not the whole clause, but the span in the clause, so extracting the clause-pair rather than the span-pair greatly limits its applications in real-world scenarios; 2) It is not enough to extract the emotion expression clause without identifying the emotion categories, the presence of emotion clause does not necessarily convey emotional information explicitly due to different possible causes. In this paper, we propose a new task: Emotion-Cause Span-Pair extraction and classification (ECSP), which aims to extract the potential span-pair of emotion and corresponding causes in a document, and make emotion classification for each pair. In the new ECSP task, ECE and ECPE can be regarded as two special cases at the clause-level. We propose a span-based extract-then-classify (ETC) model, where emotion and cause are directly extracted and paired from the document under the supervision of target span boundaries, and corresponding categories are then classified using their pair representations and localized context. Experiments show that our proposed ETC model outperforms the SOTA model of ECE and ECPE task respectively and gets a fair-enough results on ECSP task.


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