Effective Numerical Simulations of Synchronous Generator System

by   Jiawei Zhang, et al.

Synchronous generator system is a complicated dynamical system for energy transmission, which plays an important role in modern industrial production. In this article, we propose some predictor-corrector methods and structure-preserving methods for a generator system based on the first benchmark model of subsynchronous resonance, among which the structure-preserving methods preserve a Dirac structure associated with the so-called port-Hamiltonian descriptor systems. To illustrate this, the simplified generator system in the form of index-1 differential-algebraic equations has been derived. Our analyses provide the global error estimates for a special class of structure-preserving methods called Gauss methods, which guarantee their superior performance over the PSCAD/EMTDC and the predictor-corrector methods in terms of computational stability. Numerical simulations are implemented to verify the effectiveness and advantages of our methods.


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