Efficient Data-Driven Geologic Feature Detection from Pre-stack Seismic Measurements using Randomized Machine-Learning Algorithm

by   Youzuo Lin, et al.
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Conventional seismic techniques for detecting the subsurface geologic features are challenged by limited data coverage, computational inefficiency, and subjective human factors. We developed a novel data-driven geological feature detection approach based on pre-stack seismic measurements. Our detection method employs an efficient and accurate machine-learning detection approach to extract useful subsurface geologic features automatically. Specifically, our method is based on kernel ridge regression model. The conventional kernel ridge regression can be computationally prohibited because of the large volume of seismic measurements. We employ a data reduction technique in combination with the conventional kernel ridge regression method to improve the computational efficiency and reduce memory usage. In particular, we utilize a randomized numerical linear algebra technique, named Nyström method, to effectively reduce the dimensionality of the feature space without compromising the information content required for accurate detection. We provide thorough computational cost analysis to show efficiency of our new geological feature detection methods. We further validate the performance of our new subsurface geologic feature detection method using synthetic surface seismic data for 2D acoustic and elastic velocity models. Our numerical examples demonstrate that our new detection method significantly improves the computational efficiency while maintaining comparable accuracy. Interestingly, we show that our method yields a speed-up ratio on the order of ∼10^2 to ∼ 10^3 in a multi-core computational environment.


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