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Efficient Hybrid Transformer: Learning Global-local Context for Urban Sence Segmentation

by   Libo Wang, et al.

Semantic segmentation of fine-resolution urban scene images plays a vital role in extensive practical applications, such as land cover mapping, urban change detection, environmental protection and economic assessment. Driven by rapid developments in deep learning technologies, convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have dominated the semantic segmentation task for many years. Convolutional neural networks adopt hierarchical feature representation and have strong local context extraction. However, the local property of the convolution layer limits the network from capturing global information that is crucial for improving fine-resolution image segmentation. Recently, Transformer comprise a hot topic in the computer vision domain. Vision Transformer demonstrates the great capability of global information modelling, boosting many vision tasks, such as image classification, object detection and especially semantic segmentation. In this paper, we propose an efficient hybrid Transformer (EHT) for semantic segmentation of urban scene images. EHT takes advantage of CNNs and Transformer, learning global-local context to strengthen the feature representation. Extensive experiments demonstrate that EHT has higher efficiency with competitive accuracy compared with state-of-the-art benchmark methods. Specifically, the proposed EHT achieves a 67.0 UAVid test set and outperforms other lightweight models significantly. The code will be available soon.


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