Efficient Smoothing of Dilated Convolutions for Image Segmentation

by   Thomas Ziegler, et al.
ETH Zurich

Dilated Convolutions have been shown to be highly useful for the task of image segmentation. By introducing gaps into convolutional filters, they enable the use of larger receptive fields without increasing the original kernel size. Even though this allows for the inexpensive capturing of features at different scales, the structure of the dilated convolutional filter leads to a loss of information. We hypothesise that inexpensive modifications to Dilated Convolutional Neural Networks, such as additional averaging layers, could overcome this limitation. In this project we test this hypothesis by evaluating the effect of these modifications for a state-of-the art image segmentation system and compare them to existing approaches with the same objective. Our experiments show that our proposed methods improve the performance of dilated convolutions for image segmentation. Crucially, our modifications achieve these results at a much lower computational cost than previous smoothing approaches.


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