Efficient XAI Techniques: A Taxonomic Survey

by   Yu-Neng Chuang, et al.

Recently, there has been a growing demand for the deployment of Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) algorithms in real-world applications. However, traditional XAI methods typically suffer from a high computational complexity problem, which discourages the deployment of real-time systems to meet the time-demanding requirements of real-world scenarios. Although many approaches have been proposed to improve the efficiency of XAI methods, a comprehensive understanding of the achievements and challenges is still needed. To this end, in this paper we provide a review of efficient XAI. Specifically, we categorize existing techniques of XAI acceleration into efficient non-amortized and efficient amortized methods. The efficient non-amortized methods focus on data-centric or model-centric acceleration upon each individual instance. In contrast, amortized methods focus on learning a unified distribution of model explanations, following the predictive, generative, or reinforcement frameworks, to rapidly derive multiple model explanations. We also analyze the limitations of an efficient XAI pipeline from the perspectives of the training phase, the deployment phase, and the use scenarios. Finally, we summarize the challenges of deploying XAI acceleration methods to real-world scenarios, overcoming the trade-off between faithfulness and efficiency, and the selection of different acceleration methods.


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