End-to-End Personalized Next Location Recommendation via Contrastive User Preference Modeling

by   Yan Luo, et al.
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Predicting the next location is a highly valuable and common need in many location-based services such as destination prediction and route planning. The goal of next location recommendation is to predict the next point-of-interest a user might go to based on the user's historical trajectory. Most existing models learn mobility patterns merely from users' historical check-in sequences while overlooking the significance of user preference modeling. In this work, a novel Point-of-Interest Transformer (POIFormer) with contrastive user preference modeling is developed for end-to-end next location recommendation. This model consists of three major modules: history encoder, query generator, and preference decoder. History encoder is designed to model mobility patterns from historical check-in sequences, while query generator explicitly learns user preferences to generate user-specific intention queries. Finally, preference decoder combines the intention queries and historical information to predict the user's next location. Extensive comparisons with representative schemes and ablation studies on four real-world datasets demonstrate the effectiveness and superiority of the proposed scheme under various settings.


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