Energy Balancing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network

by   Ghassan Samara, et al.

A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is made up of a large number of nodes that are spread randomly or on a regular basis to detect the surrounding environment and transfer data to a base station (BS) over the Internet to the user. It is widely used in a variety of civil and military concerns. Because the sensor has limited battery capacity, energy efficiency is a critical issue with WSNs. As a result, developing a routing protocol that decreases energy consumption in sensor nodes to extend the lifetime of the WSN using an intelligence algorithm has become difficult. LEACH is the first hierarchical routing protocol that divides the WSN into clusters to reduce energy usage. However, it has reached its limit in selecting a suitable cluster head and the sensor nodes to be joined, as well as their quantity. Thus, this research proposes an algorithm called Wireless Energy Balancing algorithm (WEB) that works on energy balancing distribution by identifying a suitable cluster head with minimum distance and high energy. Then it uses the knapsack-problem as a novel algorithm to design the cluster members. The simulation results demonstrate that the WEB algorithm outperforms LEACH by 31 extension.


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