Energy-Efficient Task Offloading and Resource Allocation for Multiple Access Mobile Edge Computing

by   Bizheng Liang, et al.

In this paper, the problem of joint radio and computation resource management over multi-channel is investigated for multi-user partial offloading mobile edge computing (MEC) system. The target is to minimize the weighted sum of energy consumption by jointly optimizing transmission time, local and edge computation capacity allocation, bandwidth allocation and data partition. An optimization problem is formulated, which is nonconvex and can not be solved directly. Then, we transform the origin optimization problem into an equivalent convex optimization problem. For general case of multi-user multi-channel, we decouple the convex optimization problem into subproblems and an optimal resource management strategy is obtained by adopting block coordinate descent (BCD) method. To gain further insight, we investigate the optimal resource management strategy for two special cases. First, consider the case of multi-user shares single channel. Since the single-channel optimization problem is reduced from the multi-channel optimization problem, the solution approach of general case can be applied to this case, and the solving algorithm for this case has low computation complexity, which is a combination of analytical and bisection-search methods. Then, for the case of single-user occupies all channel, the optimization problem is simplified and an optimal solving algorithm with closed-form solutions is proposed.


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